Operating System: Windows Server 2012 R2
Web Server Core: IIS 8
Frameworks: .NET 4.6, MVC 5, & PHP 7.2
Protocols: HTTP & HTTPS

Site Specifications

Maximum Size: 50 MB
Connection Protocols: FTP, & FTPS


File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a widely used standard for uploading content to the web.  Many web authoring and editing programs such as SharePoint Designer 2007 and Dreamweaver support the use of FTP to publish your content.  Because of some of the security vulnerabilities, two new standards have emerged for publishing content securely over FTP.  FTP over SSH (SFTP) and FTP over SSL (FTPS).  At this time, DSU supports both FTP(unsecure) and FTPS(secure).  Though we support these options, we strongly encourage you to publish your content securely using FTPS.  If the editing software you are using does not support FTPS, we recommend using FileZilla as an alternative FTP client.